Thursday, September 6, 2007

၈၈ ေက်ာင္းသားမ်ား၏ ကုလသို႔ ေပးစာ

His Excellency Ban Ki-moon
Secretary General
United Nations
United Nations Headquarters
New York, USA
September 6, 2007
Dear Your Excellency,
We, the ‘88 Generation Students, respectfully call on you to urgently revive the issue of Burma
on the formal agenda of the UN Security Council (UNSC). We request that you use your good
offices to support the adoption of a resolution that ensures the protection of Burmese people who
express economic and social concerns as well as political opinions without retribution by the
Burmese military government.
As you are aware, peaceful demonstrations during the last two weeks have led to the detention
and arrests of more than 150 protesters. We, the 88 generation student leaders, initiated these
peaceful marches not only to protest against the hike of fuel prices, but to bring attention to the
immense suffering of the people of Burma. Our goal has always been, and will remain, peaceful
transition to a democratic society and national reconciliation through substantive dialogue that is
also the objective of the United Nations.
We, the 88 Generation Student leaders, stay with our determination and commitment to work for
peaceful change towards democracy and improved living conditions for the people of our
Recent protests have been stopped, at times brutally, by members of security forces and
government-organized gangs such as the Union Solidarity and Development Association (USDA)
and Swan-aah-shin (SAS) or Masters of Force.
Those of us in hiding are under constant threat of arrest and unlawful imprisonment. In addition,
our families, friends and relatives are being harassed and threatened constantly. Many of our
colleagues and fellow activists have been detained and we are concerned for their well beings.
Lately the Buddhist monks have also become under attack.
These violent responses must be seen as early warnings of more brutal violence, and we are
gravely concerned it is only a matter of time whether the situation would lead to further violence
by these militias and security forces against the people who strive for justice. We have witnessed
several times in the past that the military as well as the USDA are capable of brutal oppression of
people at any cost and we are extremely worried.
As you are aware, demonstrations are growing in many parts of the country in spite of the violent
crack-downs and continuing abduction of protesters by the authorities.
Therefore, we urgently need your practical support this time to prevent the real possibility of
further violence and urge you as head of the United Nations to take prompt action with preventive
measures by taking accounts of these early warning signs.
Please command Mr. Gambari to visit Burma immediately and convince the SPDC to stop the
current harassments of peaceful protesters, to release all detained activists and political prisoners,
and engage in meaningful dialogue with all parties concerned about the political situation and the
future of our country.
We respectfully call for your immediate response to the urgency of this situation and take
immediate action.
Htay Kywe
The ‘88 Generation Students

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